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This workshop is for you if you are preparing your body for conception and pregnancy; experiencing fertility challenges; told there’s ‘no medical reason’ for your fertility challenges; wanting to learn an integrated and practical approach to support your fertility

You will:

  • learn to be more connected and in tune with your body
  • explore how past experiences may still be impacting you and your body
  • uncover any limiting beliefs and attitudes that affect your ability to receive
  • learn to create a womb space that is lush, healthy and receptive
  • learn to identify and release any physical, psychological and spiritual blocks

“…. So much of what you explore here is true for me and my fertility journey. I wish I had found this program years ago! ….”

“…. It’s gentle and profound. I hadn’t realised how many subconscious blocks I had to conceiving……. Thank you Julia! ….”

“…. the most insightful, honest and caring approach to fertility that I have come across .…”

“…. I found this so healing and empowering not to mention incredibly useful in my life ….”

“…. genuine and powerful ….”

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When:  Sunday 6th November 2022

Times: 9.30am – 4pm 

Where: Mullumbimby

Cost: $180 This includes An Awakened Look At Fertility Handbook

Morning tea provided

To secure your place, workshop fees must be paid in full by 30th October 2022.

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