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In this workshop we’ll be exploring your connection to your body as well as healthy boundaries, emotions in the body, the impact of betrayal, who you are holding in your womb space, the importance of breath for connection.


When i work with women in the pelvic area I see the extent they go to to avoid connecting with their body. In order to survive, most of us squash down; sexual shame, body shame, experiences of abuse, unexpressed rage, grief over early pregnancy loss, grief over terminated pregnancy, feelings of betrayal, fear of being in the body, fear of being seen.

A woman can unknowingly carry this in her body, particularly her pelvic area. Women remain numb and disconnected as they shut down part of themselves to avoid addressing these painful feelings. 

Healing can come from shedding more light and awareness on these hidden parts. 


In this workshop you will:

  • Read and understand your body’s signs and signals
  • Build a sense of safety and connection in your body
  • Connect with your inner wisdom and authority
  • Recognise the common emotions women hold in their body
  • Identify common patterns and behaviours that you may be continuing to play out


“… super safe, welcoming, and loving space …”

“. you are fully supported …”

“… practical, emotional, energetic, and mental tools and resources …”

“… wonderful healing practices …”

“. very practical take home tools …”

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When:  4th & 5th November 2023

Times: 9.30am – 4pm both days

Where: Brunswick Heads

Cost: $380 This includes the Women’s Awakening Journey Handbook, valued at $30

Morning tea provided

To secure your place, workshop fees must be paid in full by 30th October 2023.

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