An Awakened Look At Fertility

An Awakened Look At Fertility

  • Are you preparing your body for conception?
  • Are you experiencing fertility challenges?
  • Have you been told there’s ‘no medical reason’ for your fertility challenges?
  • Are you wanting to learn an integrated and practical approach to support your fertility?

An Awakened Look At Fertility online program is for women who are planning to conceive or experiencing fertility challenges. The program is specifically designed to identify and release physical, psychological and spiritual blocks contributing to fertility challenges.

The program’s content is relevant for everyone – regardless of whether you’re embarking on the fertility journey with a male or female partner or on your own.

Program Delivery:

  • 10-hour program that includes 4 interactive self-paced modules

Module 1 – On Becoming A Mother
Module 2 – Menstruation And Menarche
Module 3 – Pregnancy Loss And Birth Trauma
Module 4 – Practical Self-Care

  • Program materials include:

Reflective, self-inquiry and visualisation processes
A downloadable workbook
Audio-visual teaching materials

By addressing and clearing restrictions in your energy, beliefs and in your body, you create a welcoming, comfortable and loving home for your child to grow in.

Every part of this journey is an opportunity to open up, to become more receptive, and to bring healing where it is needed.


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