An Awakened Look At Fertility

An Awakened Look At Fertility

  • Are you preparing your body for conception?
  • Are you experiencing fertility challenges?
  • Have you been told there’s ‘no medical reason’ for your fertility challenges?
  • Are you wanting to learn an integrated and practical approach to support your fertility?

An Awakened Look At Fertility online program is for women who are planning to conceive or experiencing fertility challenges. The program is specifically designed to identify and release physical, psychological and spiritual blocks contributing to fertility challenges.

The program’s content is relevant for everyone – regardless of whether you’re embarking on the fertility journey with a male or female partner or on your own.

Program Delivery:

  • 10-hour program that includes 4 interactive self-paced modules and 2 x 45-min support sessions with Julia while you work through the program


Module 1 – On Becoming A Mother     

What does becoming a mother mean to you? Your concept of mother and what it means to be a mother is established during your early years, and can shape your attitudes towards your body and your womanhood. Your experience of your mother line is particularly highlighted when you want to become pregnant, during pregnancy, and in your mothering years.

In this module you will: 

  • Learn how to be more connected and in tune with your body
  • Explore and gain a deeper understanding of your relationship with mother
  • Uncover any limiting beliefs and attitudes that affect your level of receptivity                                                                                                    

Module 2 – Menstruation And Menarche

When you are consciously trying to conceive, you are very much aware of your menstrual cycle. Because your menstrual cycle is so central to your being when you are intending to conceive, it is important to explore your relationship with it.

In this module you will:

  • Revisit your first experience of menstruation (menarche)
  • Uncover unprocessed emotions that impact your experience of menstruation
  • Learn ways to honour yourself and your body


Module 3 – Pregnancy Loss And Birth Trauma

Early pregnancy loss happens more frequently than women realise, with more than one in four women experiencing it at some time during their reproductive life. Birth trauma is very real and when left unprocessed can have a big impact on a mother’s emotional state and future conceptions. Both pregnancy loss and birth trauma often leave feelings of deep grief and loss in your womb.

In this module you will:

  • Learn how to reconnect with your womb
  • Learn how to process unresolved emotions around pregnancy loss
  • Explore how birth trauma may still be impacting you and your body


Module 4 – Practical Self-Care

Many women have a tendency to over-give, to care for others beyond what is reasonable. Over-giving essentially means giving from your own energy, giving more than you have the capacity to give. It reflects a lack of self-care and is most usually connected to your level of self-worth, and it can also indicate a lack of strong healthy boundaries.

In this module you will:

  • Explore any tendency you have to over-give
  • Uncover unprocessed emotions that can lead to energetic and physical congestion
  • Learn to create a womb space that is lush, healthy and receptive


Program materials include:

Reflective, self-inquiry and visualisation processes
A downloadable workbook
Audio-visual teaching materials

By addressing and clearing restrictions in your energy, beliefs and in your body, you create a welcoming, comfortable and loving home for your child to grow in.

Every part of this journey is an opportunity to open up, to become more receptive, and to bring healing where it is needed.

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I loved doing this course. It’s gentle and profound, wise and encouraging. It took me to shadowy places that are now full of light and understanding, and I feel expanded within myself, deeply connected to other women, and joyful about newly healed parts of myself.

Serena Flynn ~ An Awakened Look At Fertility

I saw Julia in 2015 for support in conception at the age of 36. Three months later we conceived naturally. Again, I saw Julia in 2018 and 4 days later, at the age of 41, I conceived naturally. My second session with Julia was incredibly powerful, she instantly helped my body to release the birth trauma from my first labour. I had been carrying the trauma and shock for three years. Her session was deeply healing and I believe this is what made our second conception so effortless and fruitful.

Dr Vanessa Strauss ~ An Awakened Look At Fertility

I am so grateful for Julia’s work which helps address not just physical symptoms but also the subtle and often emotional interferences with fertility and women’s health. Working with her was the ideal preparation for welcoming our second child into my womb and into the world.

Zoe Gameau ~ An Awakened Look At Fertility

Julia’s treatments and advice, along with her warmth and care were so very vital to helping me fall pregnant with my little girl. I would recommend her beautiful treatments to any woman looking to support their health, especially in trying to conceive.

Paige Waters ~ An Awakened Look At Fertility

I travel for hours to see Julia! Not only is it rare to find someone with her qualifications and training but she is a truly gifted and intuitive woman…. Julia helped me immensely after I miscarried in my second pregnancy. She applied a variety of modalities to assist with the healing of my womb and heart after such a confusing and devastating event…. she gives you time to unravel your story. Julia listens so well, and it feels as though she understands and sees things that you might have missed. That in itself is an opportunity for true healing.

Carla Mulhing ~ An Awakened Look At Fertility
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