Women's Awakening Journey

Women’s Awakening Journey Introduction Video

Women’s Awakening Journey

  • Do you have trouble saying ‘no’?
  • Do you ever feel numb or disconnected from your body?
  • Do you find the same old patterns continuing to play out in your life?
  • Do you ever feel unable to speak your true feelings?
  • Do you ever seek approval from others?

Women’s Awakening Journey online program will show you how to listen to your own body and its deep wisdom, and give you a deeper level of connection with your body, mind and spirit. It’s been designed to give you a safe way to find out what is holding you back from living in confidence and joy, more empowered, and connected to your womb and your womanhood.

During this online program you will gain an understanding of where, and why you became disconnected from your body, and in particular from your womb and pelvic space. Click here to Enrol Now

“..the Women’s Awakening Journey shone a light on my life, and it has profoundly changed the way I see myself as a woman…”

“..I’ve learnt how to really listen to my body….I finally trust my intuition and don’t seek approval from others anymore…I recommend this course to every woman…”Women’s Awakening Journey invites you to:

  • Establish strong, healthy boundaries
  • Build a sense of safety and connection in your body
  • Identify belief systems and patterns that continue to influence you
  • Explore the stories you hold in your body
  • Connect with your inner wisdom and authority

Women’s Awakening Journey online program includes:

  • 11 interactive self-paced modules
  • Creative discovery processes
  • Opportunities for reflection and self-inquiry
  • Your own downloadable workbook
  • Both audio and visual teaching materials
  • 6 months access to the modules
  • 6x1hr fortnightly group zoom gatherings with Julia for the first 3 months 
  • Next group intake starts 1st October 2023 

You may find that you need more time to reflect on certain modules and this program offers you the flexibility to do that. You will have open access to the program for 6 months to allow self-paced completion of the modules.

Special offer of $685AUD

The online course has really helped me to learn to embody my boundaries. I feel much more comfortable honouring my own needs. Before I would constantly struggle with people pleasing, and it really drained my energy. Working through the modules helped me to understand what emotional patterns were holding me back. I feel so much safer in my body, which is an incredibly liberating feeling. I have also been able to further explore my own feminine power. This has boosted my creativity immensely and reconnected me with my purpose. Julia is a warm and grounded teacher and receiving her incredible knowledge is such a gift. I feel lighter, more powerful and much more free! I would recommend this online program to all women.

Elise Brook ~ Women’s Awakening Course

Julia’s work has been a revelation for me. This program helped me to reawaken the deep, primal and spiritual connection to my body. I went from feeling numb and disconnected, to feeling powerful and embodied. Julia is an incredible teacher, you can feel her years of experience shining through as she guides you through the course. I loved being able to take the modules at my own pace and return to them when I needed to deepen my understanding. By reclaiming my connection to myself, my connection to my own pleasure deepened significantly. I feel more at ease and more confident than I have felt in years. This has carried through into every aspect of my life and had such a profoundly positive impact. I couldn’t recommend this course more highly.

Ruby Swann ~ Women’s Awakening Course

This course came at the perfect time for me. I was feeling shut down, fed up, unable to see a way forward, and definitely out of touch with my body and my feelings. But this course shone a light on my life, and it has profoundly changed the way I see myself as a woman. Julia is a warm, authentic teacher, and thanks to her and her course, I feel more alive and excited about the future.

Bianca Frascatti ~ Women’s Awakening Journey online program

This course has changed the way I live my life as a woman. It has showed me the amazing connection we can have to our body as women.
I have learned how to really listen to my body, how to be in continuous conversation with my womb and how to be guided through life from this space.
I finally trust my intuition and don’t seek approval from others anymore.
I recommend this course to every woman!

Lisa Kohlstaedt ~ Women’s Awakening Course
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