by February 5, 2019

For many years I’ve felt disconnected from my womb. My feminine self. As a result my menstrual cycle was infrequent and I was often left without a period for years. I live what I would consider to be a healthy life. With clean food and exercise but I believe the emotional aspect, my beliefs and lack of self worth contributed to the disharmony in my body. After Julia’s professional, intuitive and compassionate treatment I felt a shift in my body and self awareness. Julia gave me a self care massage to do at home, which I’ve religiously incorporated daily. This along with some other self care practices has led to my cycle returning and heightened sexual pleasure. Even the sensations in my breasts and buttocks have gone from almost non existent to sensational. I now work with Julia on pelvic care, vaginal massage and can not wait to see, feel and experience the deeper, more rewarding connection with my Divine Feminine. Thank you so much Julia for your guidance and support.

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