by February 20, 2019

Julia is one of my miracle team! I can go into a session with her feeling disconnected, flat or ‘not quite right’ and come away feeling connected, inspired, and open hearted, with heaps more energy. She brings me back to myself and back in alignment both physically and energetically. She brings me home to me. Julia is a deeply wise, intuitive and super caring practitioner. I recommend her to all my friends! I first saw Julia after the birth of my first child, I was exhausted. Over just 2 sessions, she helped me regroup my energy and she guided me home to myself physically, emotionally and spiritually; a postnatal midwife. Working with Julia over the next year or so saw the 3 uterine fibroids (one that was the size of an orange) totally disappear! Which meant that for my second child I could have the safe water birth in my home that I truly wanted.

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