by February 5, 2019

My experience of Mayan Abdominal Therapy through the hands of Julia has been deeply profound.  Initially drawn to this technique to address some menstrual symptoms, I was blown away by how many layers of my being it spoke to. Each session has been an opportunity to be deeply present to the energy in my body, present to the physical sensations and the emotions that wanted a voice.  Each time I have left feeling unburdened of stuck energy, seen, held and acknowledged….Through Julia’s sensitive, intuitive and respectful touch I felt my womb nurtured in a way that brought me to a place of sublime realisation of me, alive in this body. What a joy to have my belly nurtured by another woman!! I can’t speak highly enough of Julia as a woman firstly, and as a facilitator for healing.  Some sessions were not what I would call comfortable, as emotion I hadn’t let myself feel in the past emerged from my body, but it is the space Julia inhabits in her own being that called up my willingness to let this emotion out.  Julia’s authenticity, humility and her ability to see through to the heart of things with profound earth mama wisdom has been instrumental in my personal journey, learning to trust myself and letting go of limiting thought patterns.

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