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Through bodywork and other techniques Julia clears and releases physical and energetic stagnation to bring greater alignment, presence and awareness to the root of the female body. 

She addresses areas such as:

Appointments are available in person or by phone or Zoom.

In-Person Session

Explore Julia’s The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® and Holistic Pelvic Care™ work.

Mentoring Sessions

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I love coming to see you.

“I love coming to see you. I’m always amazed at what is unearthed and comes to light for healing, all your insights and divine messages, the clarity that comes from being in your presence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

For many years I’ve felt disconnected from my womb. My feminine self. As a result my menstrual cycle was infrequent and I was often left without a period for years. I live what I would consider to be a healthy life. With clean food and exercise but I believe the emotional aspect, my beliefs and lack of self worth contributed to the disharmony in my body. After Julia’s professional, intuitive and compassionate treatment I felt a shift in my body and self awareness. Julia gave me a self care massage to do at home, which I’ve religiously incorporated daily. This along with some other self care practices has led to my cycle returning and heightened sexual pleasure. Even the sensations in my breasts and buttocks have gone from almost non existent to sensational. I now work with Julia on pelvic care, vaginal massage and can not wait to see, feel and experience the deeper, more rewarding connection with my Divine Feminine. Thank you so much Julia for your guidance and support.

My experience of Mayan Abdominal Therapy through the hands of Julia has been deeply profound.  Initially drawn to this technique to address some menstrual symptoms, I was blown away by how many layers of my being it spoke to. Each session has been an opportunity to be deeply present to the energy in my body, present to the physical sensations and the emotions that wanted a voice.  Each time I have left feeling unburdened of stuck energy, seen, held and acknowledged….Through Julia’s sensitive, intuitive and respectful touch I felt my womb nurtured in a way that brought me to a place of sublime realisation of me, alive in this body. What a joy to have my belly nurtured by another woman!! I can’t speak highly enough of Julia as a woman firstly, and as a facilitator for healing.  Some sessions were not what I would call comfortable, as emotion I hadn’t let myself feel in the past emerged from my body, but it is the space Julia inhabits in her own being that called up my willingness to let this emotion out.  Julia’s authenticity, humility and her ability to see through to the heart of things with profound earth mama wisdom has been instrumental in my personal journey, learning to trust myself and letting go of limiting thought patterns.

I really want to thank you so much for your wonderful craft that you share. It’s an excellent vehicle for your sharp intuition and healing energy. I really feel as if I have shifted a 28 year old negative pattern. I feel so incredibly unburdened by this now. I had tried so many ways to get to the bottom of it and you helped me nail it concisely in an instant. I am so grateful Julia.

Julia Rossmanith is a rare breed. Her integrity, wisdom and kindness equal to her intuitive senses, she feels like safest person on earth to be doing this incredibly healing, intimate work. The trust that is required for this work is huge and personally this trust felt inherent the moment I met Julia. I feel relieved and grateful for what I have gained as a result of working with Julia. I always leave sessions feeling stronger, clearer, empowered and supported. I wish all women could experience working with Julia. This work is deeply healing, important and transformative.

Julia is one of my miracle team! I can go into a session with her feeling disconnected, flat or ‘not quite right’ and come away feeling connected, inspired, and open hearted, with heaps more energy. She brings me back to myself and back in alignment both physically and energetically. She brings me home to me. Julia is a deeply wise, intuitive and super caring practitioner. I recommend her to all my friends! I first saw Julia after the birth of my first child, I was exhausted. Over just 2 sessions, she helped me regroup my energy and she guided me home to myself physically, emotionally and spiritually; a postnatal midwife. Working with Julia over the next year or so saw the 3 uterine fibroids (one that was the size of an orange) totally disappear! Which meant that for my second child I could have the safe water birth in my home that I truly wanted.

“Julia’s treatments and advice, along with her warmth and care were so very vital to helping me fall pregnant with my little girl. I would recommend her beautiful treatments to any woman looking to support their health, especially in trying to conceive.”

A session with Julia is a gift. She is caring and an incredible healer who brings great light and love to her practise. I highly recommend her.

I travel for hours to see Julia! Not only is it rare to find someone with her qualifications and training but she is a truly gifted and intuitive woman….Julia helped me immensely after I miscarried in my second pregnancy. She applied a variety of modalities to assist with the healing of my womb and heart after such a confusing and devastating event…..she gives you time to unravel your story. Julia listens so well, and it feels as though she understands and she sees things you might have missed. That in itself is an opportunity for true healing.

OMG you are a miracle! I just felt so relaxed and in my body yesterday after our session and today I feel light joyous and inspired AND I feel like there is space for me, and space to do nurturing things for myself. I am being drawn to making music…. Thank you so so much for your gifts.

I’ve done “all the work” I can on my healing journey, but with working with Julia, her sessions seem to cover all aspects of my health and healing needs. She connects into my individual energy, my journey, and sheds light on both physical and spiritual aspects within my life, in a joyful, calming way. I love how she moulds the session to where i am at, and what I need in that moment. I leave relaxed, more centred and connected, more aware, feeling loved and supported beyond the beginning and end of session….She has also reconnected me to my “womb” energy… something i didn’t know i was so disconnected from.

I came to Julia after having two abortions. I was in a deep state of trauma myself and was beginning to understand that my uterus was needing help to find its place again. She helped me to find the deeply shocked energy which I was holding in my uterus to help let it go. Julia has since helped me to overcome my grief, sadness and fears in the aftermath of this time. It’s a deeply soothing and beautiful experience with Julia. The ritual and honouring she allows is incredibly special. She taps into a misunderstood dimension of being a woman on this earth which I think all women have the right to honour, feel and experience.

Julia’s Holistic Pelvic Care sessions have taken my “woman’s issues” healing to a whole other level. Her care, presence and obvious deep dedication to these processes and protocols are solid, delicately navigated and she holds any trauma space super compassionately. Also her light easiness and humour are greatly appreciated! Thankyou for ALL yr care Julia.

I have been working with the amazing Julia for about 6 months now – her healing hands, heart and in depth knowledge about the female space is unparalleled to any practitioner I have worked with before in this type of therapy. My body and energy have transformed so much since working with Julia, I’ve learnt how to connect with myself and my body in ways I never knew were possible. Julia was definitely put on this earth to do this work and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. From my heart to hers, Thank you x

Warm, intelligent and wise

Warm, intelligent and wise, Julia’s knowledge is backed up by such clear intuition as well as practical experience. Being a mother of four herself she has deep compassion and understanding for the vastness of our experiences as women. This makes her even more gifted at her work, which is utterly transformative.

I saw Julia in 2015 for support in conception at the age of 36. Three months later we conceived naturally. Again, I saw Julia in 2018 and 4 days later, at the age of 41, I conceived naturally. My second session with Julia was incredibly powerful, she instantly helped my body to release the birth trauma from my first labour. I had been carrying the trauma and shock for three years. Her session was deeply healing and I believe this is what made our second conception so effortless and fruitful.

Julia has profoundly supported me on my healing journey as a woman. Through her gentle and intuitive touch and deep listening, Julia has supported me to grow in self confidence, love and acceptance. After every session I have with Julia, I feel a renewed sense of clarity, calm and stability within myself and in my ability to offer my gifts to the world. I recommend seeing Julia to all of my girlfriends as a way to be supported on our path as women and to be nurtured, nourished and replenished in our body, mind and soul. I have incredible respect, love and gratitude for Julia for the journey she has supported me on and for offering her gifts to the world.

I went to see Julia due to constant pain around my left ovary. This condition had been present for a number of years and I had not found any help from doctors or other healers. I felt hugely supported during my initial treatment with Julia and had a profound shift straightaway…..This practice is incredibly profound and has allowed me to heal very deep wounds on both a physical and emotional level. It has also enabled me to access and release the intergenerational and childhood trauma I was carrying in my core. Julia is a wonderful caring soul and a deeply knowledgeable healer. She goes above and beyond to offer care and support to her clients.

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